Tehkhand bid confirmation is not reported! Phew!

The congressi song-n-dance drama about auction-policy
issued on-eve by Jaipal Reddy in violation of s.41
(GOI control of DDA) is too cute. This is logical
outcome of the freeholding and co-op scamming and
quota-focussing in lease conditions that has been
going on at breakneck speed since 2002. The present
high levels of civil society noise and political
convergence are conducive to logical outcomes of
illogical trends.

privatization of park maintenance, opening up for film
shoots and guidelines for cell towers being agenda
items at the moment is also cute. seems like all the
mutual back-slapping for the Delhi Spl Act for
moratorium subject to full revamp of existing policies
and provisions was just for informal photo-ops and
committee chat. the Authority is expected to atrophy
(btw, I got a call from the Soc for Safe Structures
that filed PIL for disbanding DDA; the person reacted
to my different view of the 74th and NCR-DDA with
abrupt question but-what-has-dda-done-for-the-Delhi,
to which I only say
show-me-ur-simulation-of-Delhi-without-dda-Act and

And by Supreme Court orders in PIL, the Authority has
cleared for public notice Zonal Plans for Ridge and
Riverbed zones. The circumstances are peculiar enough
to be historic and very apposite for chronicling
engagements, for ease of which I have requested as
follows to my Commissioner (Plg):

I request you to ensure that the information made
available for inspection in respect of the Public
Notices includes, besides the draft plans and
notifications of the public notices and Boards for
Enquiry & Hearing, at least the following in full:
1) work studies relating to the preparation of the
draft plans
2) all relevant recommendations of draft MPD-2021
sub-groups/Board and NCR Plan
3) details of all s.11A modifications effected /
proposed in the zones since MPD-2001
4) details of all schemes or projects effected /
proposed (by any agency) in the zones
5) details (pleadings) of all relevant court matters,
especially PIL matters
6) relevant recommendations of various extra-statutory
7) comments received on earlier drafts, including in
Authority meetings

I also request that you publish the schedule of any
presentations that might be made on behalf of DDA or
by DDA officials about draft plans/ proposals for
these zones.

In case you foresee any problem with publishing the
above information kindly let me know, as I would like
to access it in any case (if necessary by resort to