In continuation of

Following is the text of the response I filed on
25.08.06 wrt to the CIC order directing review of the
Committee in the Appeal of Samay Singh in which I had
assisted at the hearing on 18.08.06. Samay Singh had
decided to wait for the information assured by Addnl
Commissioner MCD in 2 weeks and is pursuing his police
(for those interested in responding to this public
notice, last date is 11 sep)


Vice Chairman, DDA
(Vikas Sadan, INA, New Delhi-110023)

Sub: Public Notice dt 15.08.06: Suggestion (CIC) /
application u/s.41(3)

This is to forward the 'suggestion' of Central
Information Commission about the Committee for which
the above Public Notice has been issued. Copy is
enclosed of the CIC Order, available at

The enclosed Order concerns Mr AGK Menon. In my
application dt 04.08.06 u/s 41(3), I had enclosed copy
of RTI First Appeal that Dr MM Kutty, JS(DL) & First
Appellate Authority, had directed on 22.06.06 be sent
to the DDA. That concerned inclusion of Mr EFN Ribeiro
in the Tejinder Khanna Committee. This is also to
bring to your notice that on 14.08.06 (pursuant to
seminar at the ITPI on 12.08.06 on TKC report
implications) I have made Second Appeal before the CIC
in that matter.

I urge you, in ambit of s.41(3), to satisfy yourself
of the legality and propriety of the above Public
Notice in view especially of the coincident Public
Notices dt 21.08.06 for J-Zone ZDP and dt 28.08.06 for
Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences in J-Zone.

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner