Pioneer, 10-Sep-06:
New building by-laws put on back-burner
Deepak Kumar Jha | New Delhi
...The Delhi Government through the L-G had submitted
the by-laws based on the concept of Local Area
Planning (LAP) last year in September for the Union
Home Ministry's approval. ... waiting for the Centre's
nod for amendments in the Delhi Municipal Corporation
Act, 1957. The project began in December 2003 with
finding from USAID.
 "We are waiting for the Government's nod. Delay in
implementation will augment problems, as is the
present case regarding the unauthorised or illegal
constructions leading to perpetual sealing and
anti-encroachment drives. However, the corporation has
done its job and now it is up to the Union Home
Ministry to ease the rampant building regulation
problem in Delhi," said a senior municipal official.
Interestingly the proposed building by-laws will hold
professionals like architect and builders responsible
for tampering with the original building layout...

very-interestingly, besides NGO, builders are now
professionals like architect!

Good to see these byelaws fellas: with the rest of the
committified lot on the roll, I was wondering where
these chaps were.

btw. I saw this very cute letter our
perpetual-funcused capital CM had written to our UDM
(cc our then NAC Chairperson, our HM and our LG for
their *info and guidance*) that said, with
perpetual-convenience ref to perpetual-sealing,
*Therefore I am sending you a draft of an ordinance
for consideration by your ministry in order to bring
immediate relief to the people by stopping all the
haphazard demolitions till the new Unified Bldg
Byelaws which are with the MHA GOI is finalized.
People need relief till they know exactly where they
have gone wrong and to what extent*