Is it not that the court case in the court are not challenging the MPD 2021 on the basis of statutory provisions for the preparation of the plan (sec 7) but on the basis of provisions of 74th amendment?


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gita wrote:

legality of MPD-2021 has to be scrutinized with reference to the statutory
provisions that applied to MPD-2001 revision. legitimacy of those
provisions is a separate and larger question of considerable topical
interest and was not the one I meant when I said that the (limited and
rather stodgy) legality question seems to interest no one.
- gita

care to explain? step-by-step? somehow to me the legality and legitimacy
questions are tied together by a long chain of events.

Architexturez wrote:

The legality of MPD-2021 interests us immensely, in the context of the
regularizations of 1957

oops! meant 1857.



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Subject: Re: [in-enaction] Charlie's Angels (FAQ)
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"ARE DUAC'S ACTIVITIES ON MPD-2021 LEGAL? This question ought to be
answered in context of the question of legality of MPD-2021 itself, which
is complex and appears not to be of interest to anyone".

In the process of forming an opinion on the celestial or infernal agents of
the DUAC, could you please elaborate on [a] why and how is the legality of
the MPD-2021 being questioned; [b] what makes the DUAC's activities on
MPD-2021 legal or illegal?



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