Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) – 2021 provides for an alternates approach for rehabilitation/relocation of Slum & JJ clusters.  The minister of state for Urban Development Shri Ajay Maken told this in Lok Sabha today. Broadly speaking, the alternate approach should have the following components:
(i)         Resettlement, whether in the form of in-situ up-gradation or relocation, should be based mainly on built up accommodation of around 25 sq.m. with common areas and facilities, rather than on the model of horizontal plotted development.
(ii)         The concept of land as a resource should be adopted to develop such accommodation with private sector participation and investment, to the extent possible.  However, the subject of rehabilitation of JJ dwellers mainly pertains to Slum/JJ Wing of MCD/Land Owning agency.
(iii)        Incentives by way of higher Floor Area Ratio, part commercial use of the land and, if necessary and feasible, transfer of Development Rights should be provided.
(iv)        A cooperative resettlement model with adequate safeguards may be adopted with tenure rights being provided through the institution of Co-operative Societies.
(v)         The provision of accommodation should be based on cost with suitable arrangements for funding/financing, keeping in view the aspect of affordability and capacity to pay.  
(vi)        In cases of relocation, the sites should be identifies with a view to develop relatively small clusters in a manner that they can be integrated with the overall planned development of the area, particularly keeping in view the availability of employment avenues in the vicinity.  Very large resettlement sites could lead to a phenomenon of planned slums.
(vii)       Suitable arrangement for temporary transit accommodation for families to be rehabilitated should be made.  This may preferably be near or at the same site and the utilization of these may be synchronized with the phases of implementation of the scheme of in-situ up-gradation.
(viii)       Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) should be closely involved in the resettlement process.
                        To another question, Shri Ajay Maken said that no time schedule could be fixed at this stage in view of the administrative and policy issues involved in the construction of these flats.

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