With the Supreme Court deadline of 31 December 2002 for relocating tens of
thousands of industries from non-industrial areas approaching, and barely
a few dozen units shifted to the long-happening-but-not-quite-happened
relocation scheme at Bawana, talk of 'regularising' industries in
residential areas re-surfaced - in both Delhi government and DDA.

News reports of 19 December 2002:

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Hindustan Times (Front Page)
Chetan Chauhan
(New Delhi, December 18)
The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has proposed that Delhi's master
plan be changed to convert 24 residential areas to industrial zones. It
will decide on (and most likely pass) the proposal on Friday before
sending it for the Centre's approval.
The move comes just ahead of the Supreme Court's December 31 deadline for
16,000 units to shift to the industrial area in Bawana.
Redesignating these 24 areas (that now house about 40,000 industries) will
also mean upgrading the infrastructure to DDA-stipulated levels. But as
Industries Minister Deep Chand Bandhu said, "Regularisation will mean no
And since the industrialists in the areas are expected to be willing to
pool in the money for the additional sub-stations, pump houses, fire
stations, etc., infrastructure may not be much of a hurdle. Moreover, if
the DDA clears the proposal on Friday, it will also relax its guidelines,
an official said.
Also, as both the Congress and the BJP in Delhi favour in situ
regularisation of industries, opposition is unlikely from those quarters.
In fact, both are trying to take credit for the move, with the BJP
claiming it can get the Centre to clear the proposal, even though it had
rejected a similar proposal in November 2000.
The DDA's justification for re-designating the areas (which include
Mundka, Vishwas Nagar, Trinagar, New Mandawali, etc.) is that 70 per cent
of the buildings already house industries.
However, an official pointed out that in most buildings, the industrial
unit occupied only
the ground floor, while people lived on other floors.
Though residents have opposed such moves earlier, they may 'settle' in the
face of generous offers from existing or new units this time


Express Newsline
Sreelatha Menon
New Delhi, December 18: With barely a few days left for the court deadline
for closure of non-conforming industries in the Capital, and land found
just for a handful, the Delhi government today was clutching to the last
straw: regularisation of non-conforming industries in 24 areas identified
by the government.
Industries Minister Deep Chand Bandhu said that he pinned his hopes on a
meeting of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to be held on December 20
where it would consider regularisation of these areas with 70 per cent
concentration of industrial units.
Though the Urban Development Ministry had earlier rejected regularisation,
it was now prepared to consider it, Bandhu said.
He said Urban Development Minister Ananth Kumar had in May 2002 promised
to consider the 24 areas identified for regularisation. ''We are now
appealing to the DDA and the Ministry to not only approve of the entire
list but also relax the terms and conditions for regularisation of these
areas,'' he said.
With just 3,500 factory owners having taken possession of land allotted in
Bawana, and a large majority facing closure on December 31, Bandhu said
regularisation would spare 20,000 units from closure and the need to
He brushed away the fact that residents had objected to regularisation of
industries in many areas. He said that the DDA had approved of the first
list of 15 areas identified by the government while rejecting the later
nine. He urged the DDA to approve all of them and urged relaxation of
norms for regularisation.
The present terms are so harsh that no unit will be able to meet them, he
As per terms, the units must be non-polluting, should have approach from
an 18-meter road, should have nine-meter road between industrial clusters,
and should have fixed area earmarked for open spaces, and infrastructure
needs like sub-stations.
The areas identified for regularisation are Shahjehanabad Extension,
Mundka, Nandli Shakaravati, Vishwas nagar, Khayala, Trinagar, Shalimar
Village, Hastsal, Karawal Nagar, Peeragarhi, Basaidharapur, Dabri,
Libaspur, Hyderpur and GT Karnal Road. Nine more areas were later added to
these. They are Rithala, Naresh Park Extension, Jawahar Nagar Loni Road,
Kirti Nagar, Navada, Tikri Kalan, New Mandavli, Sultanpur Majra, and
Pahladpur Bangar


Daily Pioneer
Staff Reporter/New Delhi
Industry Minister Mr Deep Chand Bandhu said on Wednesday that the Delhi
Develop-ment Authority (DDA) should take a positive view of the city
Government's proposal for declaring 24 colonies as Industrial Zones.
Talking to reporters, Mr Bandhu said that the DDA will take a final
decision on this matter on December 20.
"Since the DDA was unable to provide adequate land for relocation of
11,000 industries from the non-conforming areas, at least these 24
colonies having more than 70 per cent industrial concentration should be
declared as industrial zones," said the Minister.
He suggested that the DDA should take a lenient view of the conditions
imposed by it for declaring these colonies as industrial areas. "Since all
these colonies have congested roads, the DDA's condition of 18 meter wide
road in these colonies cannot be met at any cost," he said.
The confirmation of these 24 colonies is subject to approval of DDA if
they fulfil all the nine conditions stipulated by it. "Ten per cent of the
total area should be reserved for infrastructural requirements like
sub-stations, pump houses, fire station etc, and another 10 per cent area
shall be reserved for parks and open space," the DDA authorities laid down
the conditions for confirmation of these 24 colonies as industrial zones.
Mr Bandhu claimed that the DDA had failed to identify the land for
relocation of 11,000 industries near Mundka in west Delhi. "They have
identified only one stretch of 175 acres of land in Narela and we have
already issued notices for the change of land use here," he said.
The Industry Minister said that the Union Urban Development Ministry had
also turned down the plea of Delhi Government for declaring 15 off
colonies as industrial areas. "But we have not lost hope and pleading the
case afresh. Once approved by the DDA, we will approach the Union Urban
Development Minister Mr Ananth Kumar," said Mr Bandhu