On 21.12.02 newspapers had reported that DDA had accorded its approval to
regularisation of industries in 24 residential areas. Amidst a political
consensus on this 'solution', the court deadline of 31.12.02 for
relocation of industries in places not meant for industries came and went
with no action or even pretence of action. On 29.01.03 Delhi BJP chief had
'announced', without jurisdiction but with no questions asked about that,
a notification the following week.

On Monday 03.02.03, however Union Urban Development Minister back-tracked,
saying that the matter of regularising industries in 24 residential areas
had been referred to a Committee that would submit its report within the

At the same time, the Minister announced that all types of industries had
been permitted in five industrial areas meant only for special types of
industries. This was certainly unexpected as the only reference to this
'proposal' has come as recently as 29.01.03, when Delhi BJP Chief had
'promised', almost in passing, that this regularisation 'gift' was also in
the pipeline.

News reports of 04 February 2003

(More on 'Regularising' industries in Delhi at


Asian Age
- By Our Correspondent
New Delhi, Feb. 3: The Union urban development and poverty alleviation
ministry on Monday approved operation of all kinds of industrial
activities in five industrial areas that had only light and specific
industries so far.
The ministry also ordered the formation of a five-member committee to
examine the in-situ regularisation of 24 residential areas with more than
70 per cent non-polluting industrial units.
After regularisation of illegal construction in DDA flats, the ministry
legalised running and operation of all kinds of industrial activities in
these areas. The five industrial areas are Lawrence Road, Wazirpur,
Naraina Phase, Naraina Phase-2 and G.T. Karnal Road.
Speaking at a press conference, the urban development minister, Mr Ananth
Kumar said, "In these five areas only specific type of industries were
allowed, like food, cotton, textile products, etc. We have now approved
the running of all kinds of industries, except those in category G and H."
Category G has rural sector industries and Category H has hazardous
noxious industries and heavy and large industries that require a lot of
infrastructural facilities. "More than 10,000 industries will have the
advantage and freedom to change trade or manufacturing activity. This will
help in flexibility in industrial activity which would help economy," Mr
Kumar said. The minister also referred the matter of regularisation of 24
residential areas with more than 70 per cent non-polluting industrial
units to a five-member committee. He said, "We have got a list from DDA of
24 residential areas which have more than 70 per cent industrial units.
This matter has been referred to a committee which will consider the
recommendations of DDA. But all the non-conforming industries that will be
allowed in these areas should be non-polluting." The committee will be
headed by additional secretary (urban development) and will comprise of
representatives of ministry of law, ministry of finance and DDA. The
matter has been referred to the committee as many cases related to this
matter are subjudice. "We cannot do anything about matters that are
subjudice but the committee will examine how to go about in-situ
regularisation and put the point before the Supreme Court," he said.
The list of 24 areas that has been forwarded by DDA includes Shahzada Bagh
Extension, Mundka, Nangli Sakrawati, Vishwas Nagar, Khyala, Tri Nagar,
Shalimar village, Hastsal, Karawal Nagar, Peeragarhi, Basai Darapur,
Dabri, Libaspur, Haiderpur, G.T. Karnal Road, Jawahar Nagar in Shahdara,
WZ-8A Kirti Nagar, Nawada, Pehladpur, Tikri village, Naresh Park Extension
in Nangloi, New Mandoli in Shahdara, Rithala and Sultanpur Mazra.


Daily Pioneer (Front)
Staff reporter/ New Delhi
The Union Urban Development Ministry on Monday issued notification giving
permission to run "all kinds of industries" in five more specified
industrial areas of the Capital.
Union Urban Development Minister Ananth Kumar made an announcement to this
effect here saying, "A notification has been issued allowing all kinds of
industrial activities in the industrial areas." Till now, the only
non-polluting industries, such as food processing, cotton and textiles,
were allowed in these areas. The areas include Lawrence Road, Wazirpur,
Naraina Phase I, Naraina Phase II and GT Karnal Road.
Mr Ananth Kumar announced that the Centre has now sanctioned the running
of all kinds of industries in these areas. An amendment to the effect has
been done in the Delhi Master Plan.
Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit declined to comment on the announcement made
by Mr Ananth Kumar. "I would like to ascertain whether this announcement
is in consonance with the Supreme Court order or not," she said.
According to Mr Ananth Kumar all the industries which will move into these
industrial zones will need to adhere to the norms of environmental control
and should have clearance from Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC).
"All kinds of industries were allowed in other industrial areas of the
city. Ignoring these five areas and limiting their usage was not
feasible," said the Minister. This move has put the smile back on the face
of Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party president Madan Lal Khurana, who has
called it his second `gift' to the Capital. This, election-year sop,
follows the regularisation of alterations in Delhi Development Authority
(DDA) flats.
"The advantage of this notification is that this gives more freedom to the
factory owner or industrialist to change his trade or manufacture any
product he wishes," said Mr Ananth Kumar. He, however, added that the
industries will have to adhere to the norms and not be detrimental to the
According to the Minister the decision has come on persistent requests
from the industrial associations to allow the multiple industrial useage.
"This will end `inspector raj' in these areas," he said.
A delegation of the BJP-affiliated indurialists, led by Mr Khurana, met
the Urban Development Minister earlier in the day. The city BJP held a
rally on the industries issue on Sunday.
In yet another development, the Urban Development Ministry has bought some
time till the Supreme Court makes a ruling on the fate of industries in
the Capital. The Ministry has also set up a committee to study the in situ
regularisation of 24 industrial areas. This high-powered committee will
study the recommendations made by the DDA to regularise the 24
non-confirming areas where industries are running. The members of the
committee include representatives of the Delhi government, DDA, Union
Finance and Law ministries under the chairmanship of additional secretary
UDM. A report is expected in a months' time.
Meanwhile, a senior official of the Industry department of the Delhi
government said that city government had supported the cause of these five
industrial areas and demanded that all sorts of industries should be
allowed there. "Out of 28 notified industrial areas in the Capital, all
kinds of industries were allowed in 23 industrial zones. But only few
specific industrial activity was allowed in these five zones. The decision
of Urban Development Ministry will encourage all sorts of industrial
activity in these five industrial areas also," said the official


Express Newsline
Express News Service
New Delhi, February 3: ILLEGAL industries in the Capital today got the
licence to pollute, make money and get away. Union Urban Development
Minister Ananth Kumar said 24 residential areas where non-conforming
factories were running would be regularised as industrial belts.
Five other areas where only ''light industries'' were allowed have been
permitted to install all types of units except G (rural sector) and H
(hazardous and heavy infrastructure). These are Lawrence Road, Wazirpur,
G.T. Karnal Road, Naraina Phase I and II.
Kumar, who announced the ''gifts'' with BJP Delhi chief Madan Lal Khurana,
said: ''This is just an anomaly that we corrected. More than 10,000
industries will have the advantage to change trade and manufacturing,
boosting the economy and ending inspector raj.''
He said the industries must conform to the standards of the Delhi
Pollution Control Board. What Kumar did not tell was how the second
Masterplan had made the five areas light-industry zones after surveys
termed them unfit for extensive industrial activity.
Officials, however, said the mandatory notice to seek public opinion
before the land use is changed was not issued in the five areas. A
gazetted notification can be passed by the Ministry and the Masterplan
amended only after 30 days of the notice period.
But DDA Vice-Chairman Subhash Sharma maintained that since the new
Masterplan is being prepared, all such notifications or proposals can be
absorbed without an amendment.
Kumar said a committee has been formed to take up the technicalities in
the regularisation of 24 residential areas, which had ''more than 70 per
cent industries''. It will be chaired by the Additional Secretary, Urban
Development Ministry, and have representatives from the Delhi government,
Law and Finance ministries and DDA.
Asked if the regularisation was not in contempt of Supreme Court's orders,
Khurana said the Delhi government should have developed plots in Bawana to
shift the industries. ''But Bawana has no power, water or sewerage.''
Meanwhile, CM Sheila Dikshit has announced that rural areas with at least
50 per cent factories could be regularised and called ''industrial


Times of India
NEW DELHI: The Union urban development ministry has set up a committee to
look into the regularisation of over 50,000 industries running illegally
in residential colonies here. The committee will submits its
recommendations in the next 10 days.
Delhi BJP chief Madan Lal Khurana announced last week that non-conforming
industries in 24 areas will be legalised. Instead of making a direct
change in the Master Plan 2001, the Centre has chosen to buy time.
Sources said a series of Supreme Court judgments passed about four years
ago asking the authorities to enforce the Master Plan, has made the
ministry cagey about a direct announcement. These industries are located
in 24 residential areas that have more than 70 per cent industrial
Urban development minister Ananth Kumar said on Monday, "Delhi Development
Authority (DDA) had recommended the in situ regularisation of
non-polluting industries in the specified 24 residential pockets."
He added that even though these factories do not conform to the land use,
they have installed anti-pollution measures and follow the norms laid down
by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee.
The committee will be headed by urban development additional secretary and
will have a representative from the Delhi government, Union law and
finance ministry and the DDA.
He said: "Members of Parliament from Delhi proposed a change in the Master
Plan 2001, allowing all kinds of factories in these areas. We have gone
ahead with the amendment." In July, 2001, the ministry allowed all kinds
of industries in the city's industrial areas, he said.
Khurana said: "The industries in residential areas have been running for
long. These have been allowed to come up and employ 7,00,000 employees. It
will not be fair to snatch their livelihood by closing them."


Hindustan Times
HT Correspondent
(New Delhi, February 3) Now non-polluting and non-hazardous units can
function in Lawrence Road, Wazirpur, Naraina (phases I and II) and G.T.
Karnal Road. Earlier the Urban Development ministry had allowed the
functioning of only certain categories of industrial units like food and
textiles in these five industrial areas.
Union Urban Development Minister Ananth Kumar said at a press conference
on Monday that the Centre had allowed all industries to function in
industrial areas in the Capital last year and it was illogical to restrict
industrial activity in these five areas. He said the move would benefit
10,000 workers in these areas.
However, the issue of regularisation of industries in 24 residential areas
appears to have been deferred for the moment.
The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had earlier recommended to the Union
Urban Development ministry that there be "in situ" regularisation of
non-conforming and non-polluting industries in the 24 areas.
Kumar said that he had constituted a five-member committee to submit a
report on the recommendation within a month.
The minister was flanked at the press conference by Delhi BJP president
Madan Lal Khurana and other state unit leaders. He said the regularisation
of 50,000 industries in the 24 areas would benefit 7 lakh industrial