Industries' regularisation: Two surveys, no inference
Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / 25.01.03

With the court deadline of 31.12.02 for relocating industries in places
not meant for them approaching and next to no progress on the not quite
happening for seven years relocation project in Bawana, on 20.12.02 DDA
approved the proposal for regularising industries in 24 areas.

In a rattling reality reminder a week later a factory blast in the village
of Samaipur Badli had killed 9 and left 13 injured on 28.12.02. The
politicians came around to make the usual announcements. A survey was

In or around the same week, pursuant to the court's directions given while
it struck down in October 2002 DDA's scheme to regularise commercial use
of industrial plots of, DDA filed an affidavit about its survey of misuse
of industrial space.

A month later, two news reports have appeared - in a nagging coincidence
on the same day - about the two 'surveys'. Delhi Government's survey of
industries in non-industrial space found 65 unregistered units in NW
district. DDA's survey of non-industrial uses in industrial space found
377 cases of commercial misuse in 23 industrial estates with 11,324 plots
in all. The Court did not ask and so DDA did not tell that there is other
misuse of industrial estates' space, such as H or F-category units that
were to be shifted from light industrial estates or other types of units
in special industrial areas.

That these 'surveys' were especially conducted suggests that mandatory
planning data - required by the monitoring provisions of the Plan and the
survey requiring provisions of the Act - does not exist. What these
surveys found suggests the obvious - Plan implementation for solving the
problem of industries, not Plan modification to commodify industrial space
at the cost of sustaining the problems of industries. The indifference
towards inferring beyond counting in 'special' surveys in particular and
data based planning in general suggests intellectual and/or moral
bankruptcy in planning. The last, at a time when the Master Plan is being
revised to provide a statutory framework for the planned development for
the next twenty years suggests a future that we can't possibly want for
our city.


Newspaper reports, 24 January 2003

Daily Pioneer

Staff Reporter/ New Delhi
Labour Department of Delhi Government has found 65 industrial units
operating in the North West district without obtaining registration from
the department.
Labour Commissioner S P Marwah said that prosecution notices had been
issued against all the units operating without the registration of the
department in North West district. "Under the Indian Factory Act, the
industrial unit owners violating the government norms could be imposed
penalty upto Rs 50,000 and imprisonment of six months," the labour
commissioner added.
"According to laid down procedure, all those industrial units having more
than ten employees and operating with power supply as well as those having
more than twenty employees operating without power connection need the
approval of the labour department," said Mr Marwah.
Industry Minister Deep Chand Bandhu had ordered survey of hazardous units
operating in the Capital after the boiler blast in a unit at Samaipur
Badli in North West district.
He had entrusted the labour commissioner to conduct survey and ensure
severe punishment to the proprietors of such units .He also directed the
Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) to provide registration to those
operating units who are following the norms laid down by the Delhi
Express Newsline

Express News Service
New Delhi, January 23: A TOTAL of 377 industrial plots are being used
illegally for commercial purposes, the Delhi Development Authority has
found in a survey.
The survey in 23 industrial areas has found that of the 11,324 plots
allotted to run industries, 377 were being used for commercial purposes.
The DDA did the survey after the Supreme Court last year asked it to
submit an affidavit explaining the kind of violations taking place in
industrial areas.
Show-cause notices have been issued to 330 plot-owners, who are violating
the Masterplan by misusing industrial land. The DDA has demanded Rs 1,039
per-square meter as misuse charge for the plot. Violators will also have
to submit ''documentary evidence with regard to the start and stop of
The DDA in June 2002 had published an advertisement which permitted the
conversion of industrial plots to commercial ones on payment of a nominal
fee. The proposal was a blatant violation of the Masterplan, and meant
that land which had been nominally priced for setting up industries could
be used to open lucrative showrooms or shopping malls.
Commercial outlets need infrastructure very different from that required
by industries. Parking, water, electricity and other problems would
increase manifold if this conversion was allowed, town planners had said.
DDA officials gave the excuse that these industrial plots were already
being misused and their proposal would ensure that violators paid fines
for it. Town planners, however, pointed out that the DDA scheme was a
political move to regularise existing violations instead of punishing the
The DDA proposal was stopped by the Supreme Court which said converting
industrial plots to commercial ones would pollute the Yamuna. In an
affidavit to the court, the DDA has said that out of the 377 violations,
''lease deeds of 47 plots stood terminated for violation of terms of the
lease deed/misusers prior to the press notices''.