Since it is a post on my comment and since I'm older than young
professionals and so answerable for what has happened on professional
terrain, I respond: (1) I forward the question to those older than me, who
have yet to respond to similar questions fielded by me; (2) for whatever
it is worth, I apologise for not having ensured
trans-(professional)-generational sanity in professional space; and (3) I
promise, a.s.a.p., to collect whatever I can on the three cases mentioned
and put them up on enaction to help us older chaps to reflect on a
response at least on the specific matters and to ask younger chaps to use
and expand that to demand accountability from us.

With that, I'm done with the guilt of having provoked angst, and free to
respond sharply as a middle-aged professional caught between an older
generation that has no answers and a younger generation that has only
questions. The old chaps refuse to see they are getting senile and must
let go. The young chaps refuse to see they aren't babies and it is up to
them to do what they please with their professional space. My generation
doesn't count because we confused seniority with competence and are now
stuck with questions about mainstream professional space that we did not
shape except by omission. The indignation of the young chaps is something
we deserve, but it really isn't worth their while. It won't get them any
answers because (a) if we had a clue about how to fix things we'd have
fixed them for ourselves and (b) we are part of the world that needs
changing. The longer they take to fix us the more difficult they'll make
it for themselves to fix their professional space.

On the rare occasions I get to interact with students now I plead that
they engage. On the instant matter, I sent out information about the
Public Notice and posted my objection to help others get started, but only
3 objections were filed. Surely the weak protest must have contributed to
the brazen contempt of law and people. Now another moment has arisen when
focussed professional protest seems in order. The site ? river bed / green
? is a stone's throw from SPA. Police headquarters are next door,
Institute of Town Planners India around the corner and DDA offices across
the road from SPA. Now, for a change, I demand accountability from the
young chaps. I'd like them to show me that SPA premises are being used for
what they are meant ? producing professionals - and post an enaction
report. So?

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner / 23.02.03



hi all, just found this on Enaction and the Profession, by somebody who
signes as "young Architect/ designer", dangerously straightforward
question: how would one respond? Gita? people?