Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO) on behalf of the
Govt. of M.P. is conducting a Two Stage Competition to prepare Concept for
'Development of Minto Hall Heritage Campus, Bhopal for Convention Centre'...

Scope of work includes Restoration and Intervention Proposal for Minto Hall,
Designing of an Annexe as well as Hotel of 75 rooms quality accommodation
appropriate to the settings, to cater to the needs of the Centre. In the
first stage of Competition the Architects are expected to prepare a broad
concept for the above mentioned components along with integrated plan and
landscaping for the whole campus while the second stage will involve further
elaboration of the concept or of one of its part.

Six Participants shall be selected to proceed with the Second Stage of
Competition. First, Second & Third prizes of Rs. 5.0 Lakhs, 3.0 Lakhs and
2.0 Lakhs respectively, shall be given. Remaining three participants shall
receive honorarium of Rs. 1.0 Lakh each. Rs 5.0 Lakhs paid to the first
prizewinner shall be adjusted against the fee payable for providing
consultancy for architectural services for the project.

Assessors for the competition are: -
Principal Secretary, Govt of M.P. Housing & Env. Dept.
Principal Secretary, Govt of M.P. Dept. of Culture.
Principal Secretary, M.P. Vidhan Sabha.
President, Council of Architecture, New Delhi.
Shri Sen Kapadia, Architect, Mumbai.
Shri. K.T. Ravindran, HOD. Deptt. Of Urban Design, SPA, New Delhi.
Mrs. Nalini Thakur. HOD, Deptt. Of Conservation, SPA, New Delhi.

Last date for submission of Registration Form is 10-04-03 Registration
Details are available at the EPCO website