This was another post which described a possible relation between
  the existing Design-List community and the Architexturez project...

Date:         Fri, 25 Apr 2003 11:39:33 -0700
Sender:       "Basic and applied design (Art and Architecture)"
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From:         Howard Ray Lawrence <[email protected]>
Subject:      FW: Architexturez.

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From: Anand Bhatt.

architexturez / design-l more:

howard, i just found this:

it is indeed possible for architexturz to create a design-l specific
engine, or include design-l in AZ-OUT, the wide area (re)search engine
are writing for architecture and related subject searches. this will
look like a cross between citeseer ( and
google. you can see experimental results right now by searching (say, search "design-l") and clicking on the
"formatted" link in the results.

architextuez also needs people who can help create the architexturez
gateway, the 1st level technology is in place alrady, and people can
help us
create subject listings, taxonomies and interpretation of data
available on
the web. this is not just a links directory, but rather, a research
we will create:

stage 1 (implemented) a categorised subject listing (see
stage 2 (under development) a research engine
stage 3 (planned) a web based ontology for architecture research (see