comments anyone? this is a part of the DDA slum clearance stuff, no?


Contest for design of "Model Neighbourhood"
at Molarbandh, a low cost resettlement colony for urban poor in New Delhi.

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has relocated some 30,000 residents of
various slums in Delhi to the Molarbandh resettlement area. Located in close
proximity to the Badarpur Thermal Power Plant, Molarbandh is to the left of
the Mathura Road and a few yards from the overhead Railway Bridge, with the
Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate to the right of it.

The site has been allocated for the rehabilitation of the slum dwellers, who
have been dislocated from various squatter settlements of South Delhi. The
Slum Wing (DDA) has prepared the layout of the site that comprises of two
phases. The first Phase has been completed and the infrastructure such as
paved paths, shops etc. have been put in place.

The Second Phase is still to be developed and plots of primarily 12.5 sqm.
have been arranged in a rectilinear pattern, interspersed with green
pockets. The present condition is deplorable with open drains, kuttcha
streets, lack of sanitation and shanty shelters and a limited number of
public toilets. The people comprise of the unorganized sector and have
little access to affordable housing. They are primarily domestic workers,
construction workers, vendors etc. The plots have been allocated to the slum
dwellers with clear instructions that sale of plots was strictly prohibited
and the allocation would stand cancelled in case anyone sold the assigned
plot. Arpana, an NGO, working in Molarbandh has strongly generated people
participation in making the slum a livable habitat. It has also facilitated
the development of green spaces, the building of Basti Vikas Kendra and has
organized vocational training for women and children, besides several other
social welfare programmes.

A total of 12, 315 (approx.) persons would be residing in the area over a
period of time. The site is spread over 2,463 plots of 12.5 sqm. each. The
urban scenario is one of congestion and unhygienic conditions. The effect of
crowding has been further aggravated by the 12.5 sqm. plot per family; and
one can see the individual attempts made by the inhabitants too design
functional spaces and make the most of the available space.