via Rajat Ray
Workshop series on Preventive Conservation of Heritage Building of Lucknow

Theme of First Workshop:
Trees and Plants:  As causes of decay and its prevention
29th June 2003

INTACH, in collaboration with Mansara, is happy to announce a much needed
series of workshops on preventive conservation. Most heritage Buildings
decay due to l  k of maintenance. The immediate purpose of these workshops
will be to make available technical expertise on preventive conservation to
heritage property owners/ caretakers ( of buildings that are not protected
by ASI and UPSA) of Lucknow and architects and architectural students
interested in the practice of architectural conservation. In the long run,
these workshops will help identify technical experts and craftsmen who can
then be approached for conservation work for buildings in and around the
Awadh region. The workshops will deal with a number of causes of decay in an
historic building and their prevention.

The first workshop tentatively scheduled on 29th June, 2003 shall deal with
the damage caused due to the growth of trees and plants in historic
buildings. Plants and trees should never be allowed to grow on any building.
They are easy to deal with initially but very difficult when firmly rooted
into the structure. The first workshop will deal with the types of damage
caused by these plants, their prevention and remedies. Lectures by experts
will cover various aspects of the same. On-site demonstration shall be done
for better practical understanding.

Future workshops will be organized over a period of one year and shall be
for one day each, preferably on Sundays to facilitate participation. A
maximum of twenty participants shall be accepted for each workshop. The
venue for the workshop will be INTACH, Indian Conservation Institute, B-42,
Nirala Nagar, Lucknow-226020. Tel: 2787159. 2789948. A nominal fee of Rupees
one hundred only shall be charged from each participants, which will cover
literature, notes, tea, etc. A certificate of attendance will be awarded.

You are invited to attend/nominate your representative to attend the
workshop. For further details contact:

Ms. Neeta Das, Mansara, D-4, Balaji Houses, Birbal Sahani Marg, Lucknow.
Tel: 2507280; 2782885
[email protected]


Ms. Divya Pathak, INTACH, Indian Council of Conservation institutes, HIG-44,
Sector- E, Aliganj Scheme, Lucknow. Tel: 2377814; 2376858