International Network for

Tropical Architecture

1st International Tropical Architecture Conference (iNTA Conference 2004)

Architecture and Urban Design in the Tropical Regions: Sustainability
and Society

26 - 28 February 2004

National University of Singapore

Call for Abstracts

Organized and hosted by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture,
National University of Singapore, this international conference aims to
provide a platform for researchers and practitioners in the tropical
(and subtropical) belts in the world to communicate with one another,
because of the shared climatic problems and opportunities in the region.

The theme for this inaugural conference is ?Architectural and Urban
Design In The Tropical Regions: Sustainability And Society?.It is hoped
that through this conference, various research and practice solutions to
climatic problems can be shared and discussed for further improvements
of the environmental and social sustainability in the tropical regions.

The core theme for this conference, Sustainability and Society, opens up
topics relating social-cultural aspects, local traditions and human
needs in the tropical region with sustainable strategies and technologies.

Sustainability and Social-Cultural Aspects (Core Theme)

Local Culture and tropical climate

Diversity of social activities and habits

Community and greening

Comfort and quality of tropical urban spaces

Traditions, vernacular architecture and urban forms

Urban density and quality of spaces for living

Low-cost urban environment and sustainability

Four main groupings of interdisciplinary and interrelated topics in the
tropical context relating to sustainable environment and people:


Design Theories (Theory)

Architectural language

Regionalism and globalization

Design paradigms and strategies

Design thinking, complex decision making processes and limited recourses

Technology and Materials (Practice)

Environmental control technology

Methods of building

Natural elements and materials, and artificial materials

Maintenance and tolerances

Design Study Aids (Applications)

Parametric computational tools for analysis, diagnosis and prediction

CAAD design and knowledge systems

Experiments and research methods

Pedagogical methods and educational materials

Case studies

Design Standards, Regulations, and Valuation (Standards)

Health and medical requirements

Planning and building regulations

Market valuations, user preferences and market trends and forces

Criteria for sustainable design standards

Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract of 500 words
electronically via the conference website at:

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