IFFI: Charles Correia offers service to upgrade KA complex
NT Staff Reporter

Panaji May 11: Internationally acclaimed Goan architect, Mr Charles
Correia has offered his services to act as an advisor to give a
face-lift to the Kala Academy complex in Panaji which would be the main
venue for the International Film Festival in India scheduled in November.

Dinanath Mangeshkar Kala Mandir, Goa’s premier auditorium at the KA’s
complex, would be the main venue where the inaugural IFFI session would
be held in the presence of top film personalities in the world.

The existing seating capacity of the auditorium is 996 and the key
advisory committee of the Union ministry of information and broadcasting
on the IFFI, which visited Goa on Sunday, has approved the auditorium
for the inaugural session.

Initially, the committee had suggested a 1500-seat auditorium for the
inaugural session, but the committee has now approved the Mangeshkar
Kala Mandir for the purpose saying that the existing capacity was
sufficient for beginning the film festival in Goa.

Officials said that there was no plan to increase the existing seating
capacity and informed that the auditorium would be given a suitable
face-lift. Designs for giving the face-lift for the KA’s complex were
being prepared by a well-known architect, Mr Uttam Jain under the
overall guidance of Mr Correia.

Mr Correia, in a letter addressed to the chief secretary, Mr Dev Singh
Negi, said that he was very happy to offer his services to give the
face-lift to the KA complex. Mr Correia was the architect of the
prestigious KA complex.

In his letter, Mr Correia said he held discussions with Mr Jain and that
he was very happy to offer his services as an advisor for renovation of
KA’s complex.

“I am happy to do it, not only as an architect of Kala Academy but also
because I am a Goan and would like to do my best to ensure the success
of the film festival,” Mr Correia said.

The letter was received at the state secretariat on May 7 and the chief
secretary has thanked Mr Correia for offering the services for the
success of the film festival.

Though the designs and planning are being worked out the officials said
the auditorium would get international standard acoustic and sound system.

Earlier, the government had planned to construct a spacious temporary
auditorium at the Campal football ground, however, the plan has been
dropped after realising that there would be delay in getting proper
clearance from the central government since the land falls under the
coastal regulation zone. The land would now be used for parking vehicles
as the KA’s parking area has been proposed to create a film bazaar.

The IFFI secretariat would be set up at the old GMC complex in October
as the committee has asked the government to hand over the premises 45
days before the commencement of the festival. Along the IFFI secretariat
building, multiplexes are being created and works are in progress.

Well-known film-maker, Amit Khanna, who is a member of the key advisory
committee, opined that the film festival venues should have some sort of
tourist values so that the people participating in the festival should
get an opportunity to see the places around. On this background, Khanna
said Goa was an ideal location to hold the festival rather than New Delhi.

To a question about tourists not visiting Goa to watch films, Khanna
said film festival was not meant for regular tourists but for the
film-makers and those connected with films.

Another film-maker, Bobby Bedi said Goa was much closer to film-making
centres like Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolhapur and New Delhi would be very
far for those connected with films.