transnational spaces | Bauhaus kolleg VI

   Dear prospective Bauhaus Kolleg applicant,
   Dear friends of the Bauhaus Kolleg,

   We would like to call your attention to our new website
   which is now launched. There you find additional information
   on our new Bauhaus Kolleg program "Transnational spaces".

   Starting October, 18 2004 the Bauhaus Kolleg will focus on
   the development of transnational public realms in urban
   metropolitan areas. In times of economic globalization,
   multi-media based communication and transnational migration
   urbanity transcends national boundaries and global spaces
   that lack national characteristics materialize. Politics
   and society increasingly lose their grip on these spaces
   and we cannot understand them by resorting to existing
   planning and design strategies. What are the consequences
   for cities and architecture if a location is becoming
   ambiguous? By looking at select transnational locations,
   such as call centers in Calcutta/India, hostels for
   refugees in Berlin, transnational markets in Istanbul,
   a drilling rig in the North Sea and Frankfurt's airport
   the program investigates the new spatial orders that have
   emerged within these locations.

   We looking forward to your application.


   Ina Goegel
   Program Manager