Architexturez Enaction wrote:

Here's one from Asian Age today, eminently suggesting (besides that
architect, planner, urban designer, etc, are all the same and good and
builder-politician-government is different and bad) that law should be
different for rich and poor since hawkers are good and arcades are bad and
pushta is good and sainik farms is bad, etc, and, a new one that all the
reform-walas will love, Delhi is under planning system of MCD!

Delhi on way to becoming a big urban slum, say town planners

On way? Talk about low tolerance levels.
Anyway, here is more on Pushta. (buddhijivi version)

[Reader-list] Minutes of A Conversation on the Yamuna Pushta

  We started with a short introduction by Lalit Batra and Diya Mehra, who
spoke about the sense of being overwhelmed in the course of the Yamuna
Pushta eviction by governmental action that had almost total control
over slum housing, but which was increasingly completely unresponsive to
the representations of slum dwellers. Interventions by civil society in
this scenario can only be limited in their scope. Given the slanted
power relations of the political field, how can we consider an idea of
equity in the city today?

... text continues forever like that ...