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This email is a call for submissions from theorists and practitioners in
the following fields: Art, Architecture, Communication, Comparative
Philosophy, Computation, Computer Audio, Critical Theory, Design,
Literature, Media (New and Old), Music, Performance, and Software

SCALE ( would like to encourage you to submit
"work" for its upcoming online-only August & September issue. SCALE is a
non-profit journal that explores new modes of production and
dissemination based on open-source and networked communities.

The theme for the August/September SCALE is APOCALYPSE. As we look
forward to the coming election in November, it seems prudent to reinvest
ourselves in exploring the possibilities of our own self-destruction.
Often rooted in religious and science-fiction genres, apocalyptic themes
have proven fruitful as a framework from which to question our
collective hopes, fears, and concerns, on a local and universal scale.
In your submissions, feel free to explore and exploit your personal
imaginations of APOCALYPSE as a loose starting point for your
submission. Please keep in mind that SCALE likes to abide by terms
obliquely, and as such encourages all types of submissions, from dirty
sketches and musings, to polished images and essays.

Initially formulated within the graduate programs of the Visual Arts at
the University of California, San Diego, SCALE was created by Jon
Phillips ( and Patrick W. Deegan
( as a strategy of response to a growing
interest in developing Open Source communities across the globe. SCALE
is a monthly publication living in both PDF print and online PDF/WIKI



+ Additional instructions for submission can be found at under “Read the File and Style Guidelines.�

+ Text or Image submissions must be in PDF format NOT exceeding 10MB and
8.5� x 11�in dimension. Because this month is ONLINE-ONLY, color
submissions are encouraged. Images must be 300dpi.

+ Multimedia submissions will be hyperlinked for download from a page
within in the compiled PDF publication. If submitting a file for
linkage, it is recommended you also submit some type of graphic image in
consideration of how your piece will be represented in the layout. By
doing so, we can include the URL to your file within the image provided
by you. If other circumstances are desired, please let us know.

+ For Multimedia submissions, please upload the actual file and NOT the
URL to where it is located on behalf of your own site. WE WILL BE
respective websites are allowed.

+ All work submitted will be initially accredited to you unless
suggested otherwise, however, in its online format the work will be
deemed Open Content (as defined by and
could possibly be subject to artistic reinterpretation (at a later date)
on behalf of SCALE’s community of readers.



+ The submission process begins now and ends effectively on Monday,
September 20, 2004.

+ In the week to follow, we will be compiling and publishing the
online-only August/September issue.

+ Submissions, progress, and status can be immediately checked online.


If you have any questions, please contact any of us directly. Thank you.
We look forward to your submissions . . .

The September & August SCALE team:

Joel Swanson | Guest Editor, August & September Issue SCALE. |
[email protected] |

Patrick Deegan | Co-founder of SCALE | [email protected] |

Jon Phillips | Co-founder of SCALE | [email protected] |

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