Dear Vaastu enthusiasts,

Michael Borden,  of   

Vastuved International Inc.

[email protected]

is  planning a 10-14 day 'Vaastu Arts' Tour of South India this winter: 

The basic idea is to give you an opportunity to experience the most intense and pure forms of Vaastu Science. The tour will include


1) A visit and one day seminar with   Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, who is India's greatest exponent of Vaastu Science.

2) Special performances of Bharata Natyam style temple dance in the intimate setting of a private dance studio 

3) A visit to Sthapati's sculpture yard in Mahabalipuram, where you will witness the sculpting process of the master sculptors. 

4)  Touring Tamil Nadu's most powerful and auspicious temples, where we will just spend the days soaking up the energetic resonance of the temple atmosphere. 


        Air tickets to India from the USA are about $1450

                The accommodations will be 4 star when available                

        Meals will be at cost and delicious. 


        Green coconuts and Chai will flow abundantly.

CONTACT : Michael Borden directly about the TOUR COSTS

[email protected]

This will be a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity mostly because of the opportunity to meet with Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. 


        email michael at this address for all details (not roger green)
        [email protected]

        1-641-472-2157 (phone & fax)