this competition is announced on 22 Oct.

According to the rules and regulation,

registration deadline: 25 Jan 2005
submission deadline: 13 Jun 2005
registration fee: 25 US$
01. Prof Karl GANSER (Germany)
02. (Ms) Nazl? GONENSAY (Istanbul/NY)
03. (Ms) Bonnie MAPLES (Canada)
04. Chong Chia GOH (Singapore)
05. Omar Mohammed Kamal RABIE (Egypt)
06. Wolf TOCHTERMANN (UIA representative)
07. (Ms) Brigitte COLIN (UNESCO representative)
08. Can ELMAS (Istanbul/UNESCO 1993 grand prize winner)
09. S,evki PEKIN (Istanbul)
10. Nevzat SAYIN (Istanbul)

akira imafuji


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 > Hi ICN
 > Official Information is till the Launch Date September 1, 2004, but
here it is anyway in two languages
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 > International Union of Architects
 > "UIA 2005 ISTANBUL" Student Competition
 > The XXII World Congress of Architecture of the International Union of
Architects will convene in July 2005 in Istanbul and will be hosted by
the Chamber of Architects of Turkey.
 > An international student competition with a UNESCO grand prize is
being organized on this occasion.
 > The Scientific Committee of the Congress has chosen
of the competition.
 > The competition aims to provide an opportunity to the future
architects to exercise their creative powers in the face of challenging
conditions by designing spaces for different functions chosen by them at
places which are extraordinary in terms of their geographic location,
topography, flora, climate, social, economical and political conditions.
 > The competition will be launched on 1 September 2004.
 > Final submissions will be in March 2005.
 > The international jury will meet in May 2005.
 > For further information will be available after September 1st, 2004
from the web site of the congress:
 > ----------------------------------------------------------