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Architectural masterpieces exhibited

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Architecture is the hallmark of Turkish professionalism and
Turkish building engineers have been presenting work for 400 years
commencing from the Ottoman Empire to the present.

The work of prominent architectures was displayed at an exhibition in
Islamabad organised by the Institute of Architects Pakistan in
collaboration with the Turkish Embassy. Shahzad Wasim, the interior
state minister, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the state minister said Pakistan’s
relations with Turkey were deep-rooted and broad-based. Stressing the
significance of the architectural event, he said Faisal Mosque in
Islamabad was the country’s icon which was designed by a renowned
Turkish architecture. The mosque was a living emblem of Pakistan-Turkey
friendship, he added.

The minister stressed the need for cultural and professional exchange
between the two countries for the promotion of bilateral ties. He
welcomed the son-in-law of the architect who designed the Faisal Mosque.

The key theme of the exhibition was to commemorate the life and works of
‘Sinan’ award holders. The Sinan award has been named after the great
Turkish architect. It has been awarded to a single person or a team for
lifetime achievements since 1988 by the Chamber of Architecture of
Turkey every two years.