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| ministry, causing damage "by fungus, moisture and acidic
| reactions", will they ever learn?
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Corbusier’s work is in tatters
Out of 10 tapestries he designed, eight were cut to make way for AC
ducts, while two gather dust in a corner
Sourav Sanyal

Chandigarh, December 19: Chandigarh probably couldn’t care less. Ten
priceless tapestries designed by Le Corbusier are lying in a state of

Eight of them, designed for the court rooms in the Punjab and Haryana
High Court, have been cut at different places to make way for the AC
ducts, while two (the biggest ones) are lying in a non-descript corner
of Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

Coordinator of the Chandigarh Heritage Project, Prof Kiran Joshi, said
the earliest ones were a set of nine large pieces for the court rooms of
the new High Court building. The one for the court of the Chief Justice
(Court 1) covered an area of 1,300 sq ft and the other eight (for courts
two to nine) measured about 600 sq ft each.

The tapestries were ostensibly created to make the rooms sound proof and
to act a ‘‘psycho-physiological stimulant.’’

For the plight of the tapestries, Joshi blames, ‘‘General lack of
awareness and appreciation of modern heritage.’’ There is no legal
protection and scientific conservation of these artefacts either, she says.