| anyone care to make a list of celebrity architects
| who do anything but Architecture?

or do group-work list-making?

Remo Fernandes, Aishwarya Rai, Arundhati Roy ...

(btw, was Remo CAD Jalwa for this:
Old boys set to brainstorm on nation-building, brand IIT)



Mobile Sex, Mood Indigo & Merry Remo
Remo Fernandes sings about love and talks about sex at IIT fest
Vijay Singh

nullMumbai, December 22: AYE Aye Tee,’’ sang Goan legend Remo Fernandes
in an extempore anthem, hair slicked back and in Elvis Presley whites.
The crowd on Tuesday night at the Powai campus roared and begged for
more. It’s been a relationship that started 20 years ago, when Remo
first performed at IIT’s Mood Indigo. He was a student of Sir JJ School
of Architecture and it was one of his first musical breaks. ‘‘It’s
always a pleasure to perform here, even though I don’t get paid as
much,’’ said the singer.

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