A couple of new documents on Architexturez, the Council versus AICTE
controversy was sleeping for a while, and has returned with many added

call to arms: Council of Architecture versus AICTE

Letter from CoA to all schools of architecture...


I am direected to state that the Council of Architecture had made the
following reference to Advocate S. Ravindra Bhat, New Delhi, seeking his
  1.. ...
  2.. Is education a degerminative factor in bestowing the right to a person
to practice a particualr profession {Article 19(1)(g) read with article
19(6) of the Constitution of India} If yes; in what way an Engineer or a
Diploma Holder or a Surveyor or a Draftsman is qualified to practice the
profession of an architect? Particularly, when the minimum standards of an
architectural education, leading to recognised qualification which entitles
a person to register with the Council of Architecture, is prescribed under
the Architects Act, 1972, by regulations in 1983.
  3.. ...

Kurula Varkey Memorial Lecture (part of the Kurula Varkey Forum) at CEPT was
delivered a few hours ago...

"The Present Crisis" (talk at KVF): We need to examine such academic visions
all the more today because the objectives of architectural education and its
administration by the regulatory authorities are in crisis. I need hardly
remind this audience of the systematic and purposeful campaign waged by the
Council of Architecture during the last few years to curtail the
independence of architectural institutions. Any form of independence or
autonomy, except in a greatly institutionalised and controlled manner, is
frowned upon as a matter of policy. Typically, it is the adherence to the
prevailing legal regime that is relied upon to justify such policy, not the
imperatives of developing architectural education. Hence independent Schools
are required to affiliate with universities so that they can be 'controlled'