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*25 JANUARY 2005 *


*News & Updates*
        *More and more about the Istanbul thrill!*
UIA 2005 Istanbul welcomes the contribution of the world’s leading architects as
new names are added to the Keynote Speakers’ list.

Shigeru Ban, Japan
Charles Correa, India
*Zaha Hadid, UK* *(new) *
Sumet Jumsai, Thailand
Kengo Kuma, Japan
Fumihiko Maki, Japan
Glenn Murcutt, Austuralia
Mikhail Piotrovsky, Russia
Joseph Rykwert, USA
Robert Venturi, USA
Ken Yeang, Malaysia

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Süha Özkan President of the XXII World Congress of Architecture

Guests of the UIA 2005 Istanbul informative meeting        *EU member and candidate
countries gathered for UIA*

The Organization Committee together with the management group ISEVV Consortium
held an informative meeting about the UIA 2005 Istanbul to the representatives
of the EU member and candidate countries. President of the XXII World Congress
of Architecture Süha Özkan gave a speech, emphasizing the theme Grand Bazaar of
ArchitectureS, to the ambassadors, consul generals, cultural attachés and
directors of cultural offices invited, followed by a note on the preparations of
the Chamber of Architects of Turkey presented by the president Oktay Ekinci. The
Scientific Committee Secretary Barýþ Onay shared with the guests the information
on the submissions for the academic participation in the Congress. Later Prof.
Dr. Afife Batur made a presentation of the Art Nouveau experience in Istanbul,
which demonstrates a fine example of artistic union of Europe including Turkey.
The meeting which took place on Monday 10 January 2005 at 10:30h at Dolmabahçe
Hall of Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center (Lütfi Kýrdar) has been of
interest also to the members of press.

        *Scientific Committee Meeting held in Istanbul*

The Scientific committee of the UIA 2005 Istanbul Congress held its last
scheduled meeting before the congress in 7-8-9 January. The meeting participants

    * Doðan Kuban, General Reporter, Istanbul
    * Barýþ Onay, Committee Secretary

    * Azdine Nekmouche, Casablanca (President, Regional Chamber of Architects)
    * Budi A. Sukada, Jakarta (President IAI/Indonesia)
    * François Chaslin, Paris & Lille (Architectural Critic)
    * Deniz Ýncedayý, Istanbul (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University)
    * Doðan Hasol, Istanbul (President, Building Research Centre)
    * Harun Batýrbaygil, Istanbul (Yýldýz Technical University)
    * Hasan Þener, Istanbul (Istanbul Technical University)
    * Köksal Anadol, Istanbul (President of Building Centre)
    * Sara Topelson de Grinberg, Mexico City (UIA Past President)
    * Shukur Askarov, Tashkent (Tashkent University)

The meeting agenda covered: The refereeing process, The list of accepted
abstracts, General academic program of the congress, Keynoters and other diverse

        *Results Announced!!*
The results of the refereeing process, which have been validated at the
scientific committee meeting held in Istanbul, were announced via personal
e-mails to all our participants. We would like to express our gratitude to all
the participants for their precious works and the patience they have shown
during the long refereeing process. The deadline for sending the full papers is
15 April 2005. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Istanbul this summer.

        *UIA 2005 Istanbul Parallel Exhibitions*
UIA 2005 Istanbul thanks all those who have shown enthusiasm over the call for
exhibition proposals. The wish to enrich the Congress as well as Istanbul with
various exhibitions during UIA 2005 Istanbul has become a challenge since the
number of submissions has already exceeded sixty! Between the dates 1-10 July
2005, the participants of the Congress and the citizens of Istanbul will come
across a rich selection of national and international exhibitions. The time for
submission of exhibition proposals is running short, don’t miss out!

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        *Student Forum*
Different than the former congresses, the Organization Committee of the upcoming
Istanbul Congress aims to provide an atmosphere which encourages active
participation of the architecture students. It is certain that the future
architects have concerns over the profession in terms of education and practice.
The Student Forum in the UIA 2005 Istanbul website is prepared for the purpose
of igniting interactive debates among the students. Experienced in similar
national and international organizations, architecture students of Turkey,
joined by students from all around the world are invited to make use of this
opportunity of expressing their questions, ideas and solutions which will
hopefully be a most frequented architectural web page until the end of the XXII
World Congress of Architecture.

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        *Introducing New Turkish Lira !*
As of 1 January 2005, the monetary unit in Turkey is called the New Turkish Lira
(YTL), which comes in bank notes of 1.00 YTL; 5.00 YTL; 10.00 YTL ; 20.00 YTL;
50.00 YTL and 100.00 YTL. Smaller denominations come in coins of 1.00 YTL; 50
Ykr; 25Ykr; 10Ykr; 5Ykr and 1Ykr. "Ykr" stands for New Kurus which represent the
cents of YTL. The New Turkish Lira is derived from the old one by eliminating
the last six zeros. After this certain change in the currency, 1 USD now equals
to 1.35 New Turkish Lira.

        *Spare the time to visit the Turks!*

This exhibition explores the art and culture of the Turks from Inner Asia to the
Bosphorus over a thousand year period between 600 and 1600 AD. Their journey
incorporated many different centres of power and artistic traditions. The story
begins with the Uighurs, a nomadic people of Central Asia and China, and ends
with the Ottoman Empire from the reign of Mehmet II to Suleyman the Magnificent
including the fall of Byzantium and the spread of Ottoman rule to include Mecca
and Medina.


*Cemal Reþit Rey Concert Hall *

The Cemal Reþit Rey multipurpose Concert Hall is right next to the Lütfi Kýrdar
Convention Center, in the heart of the congress valley and the city. The concert
hall has an 861 seated capacity. Geometric designs derived from early 13th
Century Selçuklu art were used in the ornamentation of the foyers, the stairways
and other elements. The large foyers of the entrance and the first floor can
house exhibitions and installations. The main stage is 17 by 7 meters and has an
orchestra pit right in front. The perfect acoustics of the hall is guaranteed by
the mobile “acoustic concert shell”. The hall is equipped with: ERES electronic
projections unit, Dolby sound systems, Zeiss 16/35mm film projectors, Riemer
video projection, 180 channeled lighting systems, 6 simultaneous translation
booths, 4channels recording option and live wiring to the press room. The
backstage houses 12 artist rooms all with shower and climate control. More
information can be found on the following website:


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