New Heritage Conference: Cultural Heritage and New Media Hong Kong,
13th & 14th March 2006

This is a working conference that will discuss current practices and
future directions in which to expand and re-define the scope and
nature of digital media in the service of representation,
communication, and interpretation of cultural heritage. The University
of Hong Kong and the

Center for New Media at UC Berkeley are co-hosting the conference at
the University of Hong Kong on the 13th & 14th March 2006.  It is intended
that selected papers from this conference will be published in a book.

Theme: Beyond verisimilitude; interpretation of cultural heritage
through new media

Cultural heritage sites all over the world are under threat due to
tourism, aggressive urbanization, speculative development, conflict,
and general neglect.  The complement of traditional methods to cultural
heritage management has been augmented with the introduction of
digital or new media. Individual researchers, professional societies, museums,

universities, and governments have embraced computer modeling and
visualisation to create virtual reconstructions and databases of
living, threatened or lost cultural heritage sites. These efforts have
typically focused on the tangible aspects of the site, in the form of 3D models.

While these are important components, they often fail to capture the
complexity of cultural heritage and the related social, political and
economic issues surrounding the sites or artifacts.

Digital media could be utilised for much more than re-creation and
representation of physical entities.  It has the capacity to become a
tool to capture both the tangible and intangible essence of both the
cultural heritage and the society that created or used the sites.

The conference will bring together a number of international experts,
who will form the core and focal point of the conference from which
wider participation will be invited.

Conference chairs

Professor Thomas Kvan, University of Hong Kong
Professor Yehuda Kalay, University of California Berkeley



Abstracts are invited from those active in management, research and
development related to the application of digital tools to cultural
heritage documentation and interpretation, including all relevant
disciplines such as history, archaeology, interpretation, museology,
anthropology and sociology.  In particular, research directions that
have theoretical and critical rather than technical focus, looking at
issues relating to cultural heritage beyond photorealism or the
replication of traditional techniques, are solicited.

The review process will be double blind, carried out by an
international committee.

Contributions are welcomed on themes, which include but are not
limited to:

Documentation of cultural heritage using new media
*    Methods of data capture and recovery
*    Analysis and processing of data
*    Establishing of significance and value
*    Authenticity and integrity of content
*    Methods of virtual reconstruction and simulation
*    Virtual and augmented environments

Management of Data using new media
*    Methods of intelligent description of content
*    Methods of content retrieval
*    Sustainable storage of content
*    Methods of and issues surrounding accessibility and

Communication of significance using new media
*    Theoretical and practical issues surrounding public
*    New tools and methods for onsite and online interpretation
*    Interpretive learning environments

Social and professional implications of new media and cultural
*    Democratization of technology
*    Cultural heritage management
*    Cultural tourism
*    Comodification of cultural heritage
*    Economic implications
*    Political implications
*    Ethical considerations

Abstracts should be 800 - 1000 words long and submitted by 15 July

The important dates are as follows:

15 May 2005-------------Call for papers
15 July 2005------------Submission of Abstracts
01 September 2005-------Acceptance of Abstracts
01 November 2005--------Full papers for review
15 December 2005--------Acceptance with revisions
15 January 2006---------Accepted papers due
13 & 14 March 2006------Conference

All queries direct by email to:

[email protected]

More information can be found at the conference website

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong.

-- Prof Thomas Kvan, University of Hong Kong, Conference Chair. Prof
Yehuda Kalay, University of California Berkeley, Conference Chair.
Janice Affleck, University of Hong Kong, Conference Secretariat.