| only two maltese newespapers have something
| on "World Architecture Day", UIA sponsored.
| by the way, what is UIA? something like an
| international IIA?

World Architecture Day activities
A series of events to mark World Architecture Day came to an end with
the annual architecture students’ workshop held at Manoel Island.

Entitled Time for Architecture, the events were organised by the Chamber
of Architects in collaboration with the Society of Architecture and
Civil Engineering Students (SACES).



International Speaker in Malta for World Architecture Day
by di-ve.com

Monday, 26 September, 2005

Initiated in 1985 by the Council of the UIA (Union Internationale des
Architectes), World Architecture Day is celebrated each year on the
first Monday of October in conjunction with World Habitat Day, the
latter being established by the United Nations.

World Architecture Day 2005 will take place on Monday 3rd October and
the theme will be "Sharing the city." The
theme of the World Habitat Day 2005 will be "Millennium Development
Goals and the City".

The World Day of Architecture will focus on a new solidarity, sharing
all aspects of the city:

- sharing its values, its cultures, its heritage
- sharing its liveability and quality
- sharing utility and excellence
- sharing with the less privileged and the homeless
- sharing its resources for a sustainable environment
- sharing its technology for humanity