| gita, is this the same controversial award
| series again? apparently they have awarded
| architects for making all the right noises

Quite Naturally
This architect’s design philosophy is based in the system of
‘sustainable architecture’ and environment-friendly buildings, a concept
that’s won him an award too

Chandigarh, August 12: Everything useful is beautiful, and vice-versa,’’
believes Sangeet Sharma, a city-based architect, who’s been awarded a
commendation certificate for his project, Boys Hostel at Mohali. The
award is constituted by Indian Buildings Congress, which confers these
awards for excellence in built environment annually. Ask Sharma what’s
about the building that won him an award and he’s ‘concrete’ about it:
‘‘It’s based on the system of sustainable architecture and green
buildings concept.’’

In simpler words, the hostel’s based on certain parameters —
environment-friendly, energy-saving, low-cost, made of local
materials...‘‘This 120-room hostel, which is part of National Institute
of Pharmaceutical Education and Research breaks the idiom of a normal
hostel,’’ explains Sharma, who says he’s built the place with local
materials and designed it in such a way that no ACs are required here
(low thermal penetration) and also there’s ample natural light. ‘‘The
central courtyards provide natural drafts to the rooms and all balconies
are also around the courtyards,’’ adds Sharma, who says he’s not
compromised on the aesthetics due to lack of funds. ‘‘In fact, this
constraint generated better and more intelligent architecture. It’s much
easier to design buildings with lavish materials and funds. Also the
beauty and design of a building is as important as its usability and
function,’’ feels the architect. As for his inspiration, it’s nature,
which he says provided information and analogy too. ‘‘And the best
complement for an architect is when the user appreciates the place,’’
signs off Sharma.