leon morenas wrote:

What is remarkable in the descriptions of both these models is that
although they build upon Complexity Science on the one hand and Dynamic
Systems Theory on the other, the simulations abstract complexity or
represent it in such a manner that most of the vitality is lost.

before you come to this type of statement, what is the state of
research? and how widespread is the use of these systems in practice?

 > The

model as a result is not immanent in the very reality that generates

hope this is not a theodicy :-)

These technologies are so combersome (although they claim
otherwise) that they are like trying to open peanuts with jackhammers!!!

yes, the technologies are cumbersome, but i hope you are not hammering
peanuts worth of research. is usability even a concern with these
technologies as yet?

your other comment, 'not impressed by this book...' interests me, i am
thinking about quality of editorial processes in commercial publications.

- anand.