Dockyard Diary
The Indian Navy finally allows civilian access, in print
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Mumbai, December 3: IN 1999, the Indian Navy commissioned a systematic
inventory of all heritage buildings it owned in Mumbai. As conservation
architect Abha Narain Lambah was preparing this list along with
guidelines for restoration, she realised that most of the grade I
heritage buildings in the city were within restricted Naval areas.

Guided walks along the Naval Dockyard do offer a glimpse of Mumbai’s
oldest colonial structures, but A City’s Legacy: The Indian Navy’s
Heritage in Mumbai is a further attempt to bring these structures into
public domain, at least on paper. Jointly authored by Lambah, Sharada
Dwivedi and architect Rahul Mehrotra, the coffee table book features
aerial shots by physician Jehangir Sorabjee and photos by Chirodeep
Chaudhuri, of areas previously unseen.

On the occasion of Navy Day, the book will be launched today by the
Governer at the Navy House.