Did Nehru allow Corbusier what Hitler denied?
Architect had dreamt of building new Berlin, but was refused.

Chandigarh, November 30: CHANDIGARH’S master architect Le Corbusier’s
little known aspiration was to build the new Berlin in Germany in 1940s
— as envisaged by Adolf Hilter. But, as his dream remained unfulfilled
after Hilter refused to heed to Corbusier’s offer, the City Beautiful
here became a reality instead.

Architect-historian from Switzerland Prof Pierre Frey today revealed the
fascist links of the Swiss-French Corbusier that came into light after
the letters written by him to his mother were published in France in the
last decade.

| Hitler at least had more guts, planners and cons and the
| other 'humane' types can only hide behind Le Corbusier's
| Aurea, and yes, misrepresent Him. My two cents (or threpenny)
| .am

Oh, 'Threepenny,' babe, has such teeth, dear, as biting commentary

Richard Nilsen
The Arizona Republic
Nov. 13, 2005 12:00 AM

In 1937, Hitler and the Nazis put on a famous exhibition of paintings
and sculpture called "Degenerate Art." The show included work by Marc
Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Max Ernst, all considered
blue-chip artists now. It was the most popular art show of the Nazi era.
Two million visitors came to see it.

The exhibit was not meant to give these artists more visibility, but to
humiliate them.