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Review 2005: architecture
(Filed: 24/12/2005)

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Newcomer of the year: Keith Williams
Worst experience of the year: the Arts and Crafts exhibition at the
Victoria and Albert Museum

This year Zaha Hadid, the world's best-known unbuilt architect, has
finally been able to show that her ideas work - triumphantly, says Giles

This was the year Zaha Hadid came of age, and attention shifted from
post-Lottery Britain to a string of dramatic arts projects around the
world. For Hadid, long the world's best-known unbuilt architect, 2005
was a year of triumph. She may not have won this year's Stirling Prize,
but she was on the shortlist with her BMW Centre at Leipzig, and will
undoubtedly be there again next year with her much acclaimed Phaeno
Centre at Wolfsburg.