AZplan wrote:

12th International Planning History Society Conference 2006

New Delhi 11-14 December 2006

Principal Theme:
"Cross National Transfer of Planning Ideas and Local Identity"

huh! what in heaven's name is a 'cross national transfer of planning
ideas'? we always thought ideas didn't follow nationality, and anyways,
is there a hindi-speaking planning which is different from, say,
bhojpuri speaking planning? but then, again, this won't be a planning
conference if logic or validity were important. forget conceptual
understanding and clarity for the same reason.

we looked through the website announcement, and our heads are already
spinning! PEOPLE! attend this conference AT ALL COST, ENTERTAINMENT
GURANTEED if this is the preview! bet you all will die laughing (or in
planner speak, expire WEF immediately in due to unplanned congestion in
the small intestine brought about by unregulated expression of emotion
and other architecture-related maladies)

and what is seven-seventeen? we heard of 9/11 and 24/7, but what the
hell is a seven-seventeen location?

"A rich culture and heritage on one side as also the evils of
industrialization associated with rapid urbanization make it one of the
most unique capitals in the World. It is also unique among all the
capital cities of the world in the sense that other than New Delhi there
are seven-seventeen locations within Delhi (i.e. comprising of seven
cities), which were the seats of different governments."

alright! so ok. huh! what! even discounting for planner-speak, what does
this mean? does this mean there are various seats of government in
delhi, and those number seven (or) seventeen, or seven multiplied by
seventeen, or vice versa! and it goes on....

"However, the scope of this study is limited to the planning and
development aspects of Delhi in the 20th century in terms of..."

study? thought it was a conference? the organizers can't seem to figure
what the task is. but then, again, they wouldn't be planners if they
knew what is to be done, right?

we'll follow this, appetites whetted, sure we'll characterize planning,
as a whole, and as a profession is; with a preview as funny as this.