| the recent clarifications by powers-that-be
| seem to be percolating to the media, who
| routinely used to confuse some prominent NGOs
| with authorities in the field, we should circulate
| that world bank/WTO paper more.
| "members of NGOs like INTACH and Arch", good.
| sane phrase.

Now, Dalhousie panel hopes to restore historic church
Jayanth Jacob

Kolkata, February 9: AFTER failing to get the nod to restore Standard
Assurance Building, the committee for restoration of Dalhousie Square
has now turned its focus on the Church of North India (CNI). The
committee has sought CNI’s permission to restore the exteriors of St
John’s Church.

Listed as an endangered site for the third successive year by the World
Monument Fund (WMF), the committee had originally planned to use the
Fund’s 2005 grant of US$ 75,000 to restore the Standard Assurance
Building, now going through an ownership battle.
"The Culture Department is part of the restoration committee along with
members of NGOs like INTACH and Arch."