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| minor modernist works in india need a lot
| of attention - what do we have apart from
| miki and mahdavi desai's books?

Sited on the coastal edge of the Bay of Bengal, Golconde, a dormitory
for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, was designed by
architects George Nakashima and Antonin Raymond. Golconde is a
remarkable architectural edifice, seamlessly negotiating between the
tenets of early modernist architecture while addressing the pragmatic
impositions of a tropical context. Espousing radical economy and
uncompromising construction standards, it proposes environmental
sensitivity as a foundation for the design process. Completed in 1942,
Golconde was the first reinforced, cast-in-place concrete building in
India and clearly celebrates the modernist credo: architecture as the
manifest union of aesthetics, technology, and social reform. This
exhibition assembles construction drawings, architects' letters and
journals, and extensive photographs of this extraordinary building.