| Seidler obituaries have been running in
| the media, ad infinitum.... and now
| this! satire of an architect's obituary !!!!

Architect Harry Seidler buried in ugly concrete box

Renowned architect Harry Seidler, who died last week, was buried
yesterday in a cement mausoleum of his own designing. In keeping with
the uncompromising architectural vision that saw Seidler construct
numerous oversized monstrosities that destroyed everyone else's view,
his oversized concrete tomb towers 60m above every other grave in the
harbourside cemetery.

seidlerv1 "In many respects this building is like his famous Horizon in
Darlinghurst, which towers 43 storeys above a heritage suburb with no
other skyscrapers nearby," one Seidler fan said. "The only difference is
that this building will give water views to only one rich tosser."