Dear Colleagues and representatives of the media,

We are contacting you regarding the simultaneous launch of 9
international ideas competitions for the design of the spaces of 9
cultural areas that will be realized in the 100 h New Silk Road cultural
park in Xi'an , China .

World renowned as the city of the Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi’an is one of
the Four Great Ancient capitals of China, having hosted 13 dynasties in
China’s history. Formerly named Chang’an, the current Shaanxi Province
capital was the origin of the ancient Silk Road . The Silk Road came
into being in Han dynasty, and prospered throughout the Tang dynasty.
Crossing through the Middle East while anchoring Europe and Asia , it
played an important role in redefining political relations, economic
trades, as well as cultural exchanges between the East and the West.

The New Silk road Cultural Park is located in New Qu jiang District,
next to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the South East of part of Xi’an .
Established around the Nanhu ( South Lake ), the site covers over 100
hectares, and its construction is expected to begin by mid 2006.

Echoing the Silk Road historical impact on cultural exchange between
Asia and Europe, the New Silk Road cultural park will host 9 innovative
cultural venues that will celebrate each culture of the Silk Road ,
while exploring the impact of intensified global communication and
travel upon the merging of cultures.

The objective of this international competition is to select the top 9
experienced architects  who will join the project under the guidance of
the master design team. Each invited team will be requested to address
the following tasks :

             -  to research and contribute knowledge on  each cultural
identity and its relations with other cultures,

             -  to explore the impact of the historical Silk Road as
well as current communication exchanges between each culture,

             -  to design the spaces in one of the 9 cultural areas in
the New Silk Road Park .

The master design team is dedicated to innovate by defining a concept
which integrates all components of the built environment through an
interdisciplinary approach, as well as to realize public spaces rich in
contextual and cultural content by collaborating with experts of various
design fields and cultural backgrounds.

The competition is open worldwide. The architects and their teams will
have to demonstrate their knowledge on the identity and the history of
one of the cultures through a letter of interest and an application
booklet. Following registration and application booklet presentation, a
minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 participants will be invited to take part
in each of the 9 competitions.

The 9 winning teams will be invited to enter in contractual agreement to
integrate the design team for the development of the architectural
spaces in their respective cultural area.

Registration is now open and it ends on May 1rst 2006 . After
registering by email at [email protected], the interested teams
will receive the detailed application procedure.

For more information please contact the organizers at
[email protected]


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