PRITZKER PRIZE laurates are in Istanbul for ARKIMEET lectures

The Pritzker Prize, one of the most well known prizes of world
architecture culture, formerly given to architects like Zaha Hadid, Rem
Koolhaas, Sir Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, this year will be given to
Paulo Mendes de Rocha from Brazil. Rocha, is going to be the second
name, after master architect Oscar Niemeyer,  carrying the Pritzker
Prize to Brazil.

Conferences in Istanbul by Prize Winner Architects

Thom Mayne (USA), who won the prize in 2005, and Paulo Mendes de Rocha
who became the 2006 laurate, will be in Istanbul, in May, as guest
lecturers of ARKIMEET conferences, organised by Arkitera Architecture

To hear Thom Mayne and Paulo Mendes de Rocha's story of success and
learn the mystery of their architecture, a wide community from students
to professionals, architects to urban planners, as usual, will meet in

Program  of ARKIMEET Conferences 2006

Thom Mayne: 29 May 2006

Paulo Mendes da Rocha: 31 May 2006

Alejandro Zaera Polo: 7 November 2006

Paulo Mendes da Rocha (2006): Paulo Mendes da Rocha was born in October
25, 1928. He had graduated in 1954 from Mackenzie Architecture School.
Rocha, had worked on various projects from public spaces to urban
planning projects like residential complexes, churches, museums and
sport areas. This major architects, who has no fear of taking risks in
design, most well-known building is the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture in
Sao Paulo.

For long years, he had kept teaching in Sao Paulo University. Paulo
Mendes da Rocha had given lectures all across Europe and South America.
After winning the 2000 Mies van der Rohe Latin America Architecture
Award, he became one of the world famous architects. In 2006, he won the
Pritzker Architecture Prize.




Thom Mayne (2005):  Thom Mayne, who pleased USA after 14 years  by
winning the pritzker, recieved 54 AIA prize, 25 different architecture
prizes and many honour awards in his 30 years of career. His first work
being a skyscraper in Seul, later doing a high school proect in
California, Thom Mayne, graduated from South California University
Architectural Department in 1968. There he met other five students and
an editor with whom later he would found South California Architecture
Institution (SCI-Arc). Mayne being one of the founders of Californian
avant-garde design office Morphosis and SCI-Arc, today conducts four
government projects  which will bring an unclaimed legitimacy to Morphosis




Pritzker Architecture Prize: The Pritzker Architecture Prize was
established by The Hyatt Foundation in 1979 to honor annually a living
architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities
of talent, vision, and commitment, which has produced consistent and
significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through
the art of architecture. It has often been described as �architecture�s
most prestigious award� or as �the Nobel of architecture.�


The prize takes its name from the Pritzker family, whose international
business interests are headquartered in Chicago. They have long been
known for their support of educational, social welfare, scientific,
medical and cultural activities. Jay A. Pritzker, who founded the prize
with his wife, Cindy, died on January 23, 1999. His eldest son, Thomas
J. Pritzker has become president of The Hyatt Foundation. In 2004,
Chicago celebrated the opening of Millennium Park, in which a music
pavilion designed by Pritzker Laureate Frank Gehry was dedicated and
named for the founder of the prize. It is in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion
that the 2005 awarding ceremony takes place.

ARKIMEET:   Is series of conferences  organized by Arkitera
Architectural Centre, where world-famous architects and designers are
invited  to Turkey  and  they share their works and thoughts about
architecture with the professionals, academics and students..


Following are the 13 world-famous architects who have come to Istanbul
and gave conferences for Arkimeet::

     * Wolf Prix (18 March 2003)
     * Dominique Perrault (11 April 2003)
     * Massimiliano Fuksas (17 February 2004)
     * Adriaan Geuze (22 March 2004)
     * W.Jan Neutelings (6 April 2004)
     * Francine Houben (13 April 2004)
     * Ben van Berkel (27 April 2004)
     * Mansilla & Tuñón  (11 May 2004)
     * Matthias Sauerbruch (5 October 2004)
     * Enrique Norten (26 October 2004)
     * Rem Koolhaas  (17 May 2005)
     * Christoph Ingenhoven (25 October 2005)
     * Daniel Libeskind (29 November 2005)

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