Prof Txx Kxxx asks...
 > Why can't the houses come in boxes come from India?
I think it is a good question, anyone game for trying this?

step 1. prototype houses in india
step 2. ship them in containers to the world

the approximate unit cost (sale price) is INR 36.00.000, i think it can
be done.

- anand (who is Blind copying this to lotsa guys)


More details have been posted about the Deputy Prime Minister's £60k
homes design competition by English Partnerships, which will manage the
competition for the ODPM. While the competition has probably generated
more headlines already than the actual number of homes that must meet
the target, the winning prototypes will undoubtedly provide a showcase
for what the government is determined to see. A national exhibition of
winning schemes is already being planned.

English Partnerships will formally launch the competition with an OJEC
notice (architects can register now for an email alert), and has set out
the competition framework at

An enthusiastic Ken Livingstone meanwhile is talking about building up
to 50,000 of the £60k homes across the capital. London's Mayor, who
described the budget-priced homes as 'the answer to our dreams' at last
week's Summit, has said that the GLA will be working to make land
available, such as surplus sites earmarked for disposal by Transport for
London (including car parking attached to suburban rail stations) and

Livingstone also called upon the London boroughs to respond in similar
fashion and said that he will be pushing them to identify suitable sites.

A target of 10,000 of these homes should be just a starting point, said
the Mayor, who suggested that five times as many homes might be
achievable. His promise of sites for the £60k homes is in addition to
his pledge to make additional sites available for English Partnership's
London Wide Initiative.