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“But then, Goa also had architecture during the pre-Portuguese times,
during the era of Adilshah and before that, at the time of Kadamba
dynasty,” he observed, adding “however, it would be interesting to know
what were the values and inspirations of the common people - the
fisherfolk, the farmers and so on, of that period, as regards architecture.”

It would be a matter of curiosity to find “volume zero” of the
architecture, during one’s effort to find its roots, he said, taking
reference from a quote by the celebrated American architect, Louis Kahn.

“The great American architect had once stated that he loved British
history and had an encyclopedia including 8 volumes of the same,” Mr
Correa said, adding “Mr Kahn had then noted that he had read only a
couple of pages of the first volume.” Mr Kahn also mentioned that what
he was really interested in, was the volume zero of the encyclopedia
that would provide him with the ``history behind the British history’’,
Mr Correa pointed out.

I, as an architect, am also interested in reading the volume zero of
architectural history and thus reaching the seeds of what the people
wanted to become, the eminent Goan architecture said. Mr Correa also
observed, “We built our buildings and buildings built us.”

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