DUAC is the drug name for a topical cream that contains 1% Clindamycin,
and 5% Benzoyl peroxide. The topical cream is effective in the treatment
of acne. DUAC is a prescription drug that currently (Feb. 2006) does not
have a generic version available making it expensive to purchase.
In Delhi for the launch of 'Imagining Delhi', an exhibition that looks
into the future of Delhi, Correa said the model created by DUAC for
Delhi to meet its challenges could also be extended to Mumbai.

"The urban development minister has announced a committee for Delhi
which will draw up members from local civic bodies. These have prima
facie agreed to use the urban arts commission as a forum to bring all
these different agencies together," he said.

Correa recommends a similar module for Mumbai adding, "Right now all
ideas pertaining to urban issues in Mumbai are simply a cabaret for the
Mumbai intelligentsia. There are too many ideas working in independent
boxes and that doesn't help. Coordination amongst agencies is the key to
solving most problems.