see: serpentine: How they laid a cosmic egg (eh!) [ Times, London ]


In the UK, Channel 4 television is broadcasting a masturbate-a-thon for
charity. Some people have drawn unkind parallels between this event and
the twenty-four-hour interview marathon hosted by Hans Ulrich Obrist and
Rem Koolhaas at the Serpentine Gallery last Friday and Saturday.
Sixty-four luminaries were lined up to chew the fat inside the
distinguished Dutch architect's pavilion—a clear display of the duo's
pulling prowess and a flamboyant declaration of Obrist's arrival in London.

The event was broken into eight three-hour slots priced at £15 each. I
skipped the first to catch Roman Ondák's opening at Tate Modern. There I
was surprised to find no one willing to join me on the trek to
Kensington Gardens. Indeed, I encountered overt skepticism. Many
perceived the marathon to be an act of shameless Serpentine PR, Rolodex
curating, and territorial aggression toward other London institutions
that do serious, in-depth talks. I couldn't wait to check it out.