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| compost this seems to us.
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| not take the fun out of good ideas for the sake of a morality!
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Call for Papers and Posters - Educational Sessions

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and The City of Minneapolis are pleased
to announce the Fifth Annual Greening Rooftops for Sustainable
Communities Conference, Awards, & Trade Show April 29th to May 2nd, 2007
in Minneapolis, MN.

For the past 4 years, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities has brought the
North American Green Roof Community together to celebrate, educate, and
explore the benefits of green roof technology.  The conference features:

- Trade Show, with over 75 green roof and green roof-related companies,
non-profit organizations, poster sessions, presentations & product demos
- Green Roof Workshops - join national experts as they explore the
latest in design trends, policy and research  programs
- Green Roof Training Courses - Green Roof Design 101, Green Roof
Infrastructure and Design 201
-  Green Roof Awards of Excellence Presentation
- Networking opportunities, concurrent educational sessions, and much more!

Our Call for Papers and Posters has begun! Green Roof researchers and
designers are invited to participate, presenting for 25-minutes as part
of the concurrent educational sessions.

Submission requirements: A 300-word abstract and 50-word biography by
September 29, 2006. See details below.

This three-day conference and trade show will consist of plenary and
concurrent educational sessions focused on three main topic areas:

1. Programs and Policies to Support Green Roof Infrastructure

Urban agriculture policies
Stormwater management incentives, grant programs, and density bonusing.
Regulatory approaches, domestic and international.
European and Asian experiences, policies and programs.
  Processes to establish policies – "how to".
Cost-benefit analysis and life-cycle costing.
City-wide socio-economic benefit analysis.
Procurement policies; green roofs on schools, hospitals, government
Education programs.
Design and performance guidelines as they relate to policy development.
Other issues.


2. Green Roof Design and Implementation

Urban Agriculture and Green Roof Design
Case studies of unique and innovative projects.
  Implementation challenges and lessons learned.
  Design and performance of green roof systems.
  Cost benefit analysis.
  Integration with other features and systems in high-performance buildings.
  Vertical gardens and living walls.
  Other issues.


3. Research/Technical Papers on Green Roof Performance

Stormwater retention and modeling.
Energy efficiency/modeling.
Urban heat island mitigation and air quality improvements.
Food production.
Biodiversity, habitat, and plant survivability.
Loading and maintenance and membrane durability.
Life cycle costing and integrated design.
Modeling protocols.
Metrics and methodologies.
Vertical Gardens and living walls.
Other issues.

Please note: As this is Green Roofs for Healthy Cities' Fifth
Conference, it is assumed that the audience has a basic understanding of
green roof design and associated benefits.  It is not necessary to
include basic green roof definitions or information in your paper or
presentation.  Green Roofs for Healthy Cities will be offering their
introductory course, Green Roof Design 101, at the Conference in
Minneapolis. We will encourage those participants who do not already
have a basic understanding of green roofs to participate in this course
before attending the educational sessions.


Call for Papers and Posters:

We invite all interested parties to submit paper or poster proposals.
Please complete the submission form below and submit to Jennifer
LeBlanc, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, before September 29, 2006 (12
am EST);

Submission form:

In .doc format (62 kb)
In .pdf format (169 kb)

Submit by mail to:
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, attn: Jennifer LeBlanc
177 Danforth Ave, Suite 304
Toronto, ON
M4K 1N2

Submit by Fax to:

Submit by email to:
[email protected]

Confirmation of your submission will be made via email no later than
October 3, 2006 (5 pm EST). If you do not receive confirmation from us
by this date, please contact us  immediately to ensure that we have
received your submission at [email protected], or call
416.971.4494. Your submission will not be accepted past the September
29, 2007 deadline, regardless of your anticipated delivery date to us –
you MUST receive confirmation from us to ensure a successful submission.

Papers Submission Deadline:

Accepted papers will allow authors to present for 25 minutes and address
5 minutes of questions during the Conference. Authors must submit the
first draft of the paper by Friday, January 5, 2007.  All papers will
undergo a peer review process where comments will be sent back by email
no later than February 9, 2007.  The final version of the paper is due
on March 1, 2007.  The PowerPoint presentation must be submitted no
later than April 2, 2007.

Upon notification of acceptance, authors will receive final paper
formatting  instructions.

Posters Submission Deadline:

Accepted posters will allow authors to present for five minutes and
address five minutes of questions during the Conference. Poster
presenters must prepare a one-page handout describing their poster by
February 16, 2007.

Upon notification of acceptance, authors will receive final poster
formatting instructions.

Review and Notification:

A multidisciplinary Conference Steering Committee comprised of green
roof researchers, policy makers, practitioners and manufacturers will
review proposals. Notification of acceptance or decline of your paper or
poster submission will be sent to you by email, no later than November
3, 2006, 12 am EST.

Confirmation of Acceptance:

A confirmation of acceptance must be sent to Green Roofs for Healthy
Cities by email no later than November 10, 2006. This acceptance infers
that you have agreed to submit the first draft of your paper no later
than January 5, 2007, with the final version submitted no later than
March 1, 2007.

Note: All written material submitted to the conference by the Author
will be the exclusive world rights of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities,
North America Inc., a  non-profit industry organization dedicated to the
development and promotion of the green roof industry. GRHC, in turn,
grants the Author the right of re- publication, subject only to proper
credit to the original conference publication.  The Author guarantees
that the work has not been published previously  elsewhere, or that if
it has been previously published in whole or in part, written permission
has been obtained for its publication by GRHC. The Author also  agrees
to indemnify and hold blameless GRHC from and against all claims, suits
or demands of any kind made again GRHC and against all costs, damages,
expenses and liabilities sustained or incurred by GRHC for reason of any
inaccurate, unlawful, or libelous matter contained in the work. GRHC
will  perform the usual services of editing as needed. To protect GRHC
from unauthorized use of the material, the Author agrees to refer to
GRHC any  subsequent requests to publish the work or a substantial
portion thereof in other volumes or in journals.

All paper and poster presenters MUST register for the Conference and
cover all conference related fees.

Papers will undergo a peer review process and presenters must be
prepared for the possibility of editing their work to the satisfaction
of the peer review committee. Papers will be published on CD-Rom as part
of the conference proceedings.