Architexturez. wrote:

Correa was speaking at the Forum for Exchange and Excellence in Design
(FEED) at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
(IUCAA) on Sunday.


i notice the m.arch stress is paying off..

"When asked about the mushrooming architecture colleges and diminishing
quality of students graduating out of them, Correa said that there was
an urgent need for more trained teachers to ensure better quality of
passouts from these colleges. He suggested offering of fellowship and
teacher’s training programmes to overcome the problem. He also blamed
the fast pace construction work pattern for stifling the imagination of
the architects."

time to blow this myth. the numbers (at 140x and raising) have made the
effective use of schools in the above context quite obsolete. use
off-internet references, and reveal 'mushrooming architecture colleges'
for what they are, ephmera in the system of ephemera. and bloated ones
at that.