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| what is the talk these days Surat floods?
| but anything, those are all about human error
| as well, no?


[Indian Express, Ahmedabad]

‘Surat back to square one’
KHOOBSURAT again? S R Rao, who cleaned up the city after the plague,
says it will resemble a huge garbage dump after the water recedes
Express News Service

Ahmedabad, August 9: HE had once turned this plague-hit filthy city into
’khoob’ Surat. Yet, on Wednesday, former Surat Municipal Commissioner, S
R Rao, who was on a visit to Surat, watched all his efforts being washed
away by the flood waters.

Rao, now principal secretary, urban development, who rushed to oversee
rescue and relief operations in the flooded city, realised with a heavy
heart that Surat would come back to square one once the floods recede.

It was a similar flood in 1994 that left Surat so filthy that plague
broke out. Rao, who was later posted as municipal commissioner, got the
whole city cleaned up with results that it was ranked the second
cleanest city...