Architexturez. wrote:

SC Committee recommends contempt proceedings against MCD, PC
4 November, 2006

The Supreme Court appointed monitoring committee in its fresh report
filed in the court has recommended initiation of contempt of court
proceedings against MCD commissioner A K Nigam and Delhi Police
commissioner K K Paul for not resuming the sealing of about 41,000
commercial premises who had filed affidavit of undertakings.

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by the way, if there are any studious types around, care to have a look
at the old master plans, and show how they got us here? somebody ought
to really do some matching and show how those documents just don't
succeed, given the constitution and law we have in this country! perhaps
the master plan is an anomaly -- something they just legislated because,
as usual, nobody bothered to read the law very carefully, or check how
our cities are designed to work (Peter Scriver's book has some good
leads, actually)

and guys~ be careful in a pub etcetera, drunken planners and drunken
traders are known to get violent. the murder was nearly murdered by, of
all people, planners.

- Architexturez (who've had some harrowing experiences this past week)