Even without the Urban Development Ministry having decided on how they
intend to regularize the extensive misuse of premises in the city, the
DDA has already worked out and conveyed through the media the charges
that they intend to levy on various categories of misuse. If these
charges are in fact levied there will be a massive outcry against the
sheer audacity and unfairness of these proposals from shopkeepers,
professionals, businessmen, residents and people from all walks of life.
DDA’s proposals constitute not only a one time change of use charge but
also a massive ongoing annual charge on a square metre basis. This is
absolutely preposterous! If the Master Plan is to be revised
incorporating change of use in different areas then a one time change of
use charge is understandable. What justification is there for DDA to
levy an exorbitant annual charge on these premises? What services does
the DDA provide to justify such an outrageous proposal?

The DDA has on its own abandoned the leasehold system that prevailed in
the city and replaced it with freehold, for which they charge a
substantial amount. What they are proposing now amounts to an on going
perpetual additional lease charge!

The MCD already charges annual commercial rate of house tax on these
same propert