| brilliant move! now that conservation architects are fast
| flying the INTACH coop, INTACH looks at jailbirds. what next?
| a UK felloship for the inmates?
| by the way, has anyone a comprehensive list of ASI tenders
| for conservation works? we believe they bypass the NGO and
| ask for professional terms of reference.

Restoration begins at home: Jail dept starts new project
Sharmi Adhikary

Kolkata, December 3: Lalgola Correctional Home will be a busy place in a
couple of months.

In an endeavour to instill a sense of usefulness and dignity in inmates,
the West Bengal jail department will be trying out an altogether unique

Inmates from different correctional homes in the state will be trained
in the art of conservation and restoration of heritage buildings and
then transferred to Lalgola Correctional Home for the final work — which
entails the restoration of some of the heritage structures inside and
outside the Home premises.