An Uncertain Future for Hitler's Airport

By Siobhán Dowling

A monument to Nazi ambitions that became a symbol of hope during the
Cold War: Tempelhof is one of the world's most storied airports. Its
fascinating history may not be enough to save it from closure. But plans
are now afoot to transform it into a luxury clinic.

The intent was to wow visitors to the monumental new Third Reich capital
of Germania. Monumental Tempelhof Airport was to be a statement of Nazi
Germany greatness, and a stage for Adolf Hitler to be adulated by the

It never happened of course. The dream of Germania collapsed along with
the smoking ruins of Berlin at the end of World War II. But the airport
was built, and went on to become a vital element of the massive Berlin
Airlift, and one of the most enduring symbols of West Berlin's ability
to survive its isolation deep within Communist East Germany.