| so we aren't alone in linking Tourism to Tragedies via
| monumental architecture projects.

In response to the tragedy and the economic losses, the Thai government
under the leadership of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has set up a
committee, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Suwat Liptapanlop, to
restore the tourism industry in the tsunami-affected areas. Under this
committee, several sub-committees have been set up to deal with
different issues, and one of them is the Sub-Committee for Tsunami
Memorial Project chaired by Dr. Plodprasob Suraswadi, Vice Minister of
Natural Resources and Environment. It is hoped that the project once
completed will be a place where people from all over the world would
like to visit and pay tribute. The first task undertaken by the
Sub-Committee is to select a site to build the memorial and select
a design team through a process of international design competition.

To carry out the international design competition, the Sub-Committee for
Tsunami Memorial Project has set up a working committee to act as
competition organizer. The Competition Organizing Committee chaired by
Apinan Poshyananda, Director-General of the Office of Contemporary Arts
and Culture, Ministry of Culture, has appointed Council of Architects as
the Competition Advisor to manage the design competition as well as
administer the design competition procedure. The Council of Architects
is a legitimate body which represents architectural profession and
controls architectural licensing system in Thailand.


| finalists announced: http://www.tsunamimemorial.or.th/finalist1.htm